RunSSL help businesses establish a secure online presence with their visitors

RunSSL help businesses protect their information, email and site, so visitors feel secure and safe dealing with you.

We do this by installing a security technology called the Standards Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate, that encrypts your web and data connections at the highest possible standard; 2048 bit security.

The process sounds technical but it's not because we handle it easily, and we handle it, FAST. We'll get your certificate installed in minutes (if not hours), you'll experience no interuption AND zero down-time so you can carry on working uninterupted.

It's also affordable... In fact, we offer the 'FreeSSL' so you can try the convenience for 90 days!

Nathan Paul

Company Director

Nathan has been influencing the digital industry for over 15 years. His leadership brings a plethora of knowledge skills to the table, encompassing all areas of the business.

Chloe Murray

Client Manager

Chloe plays a key role in our B2B Services, ensuring client adoption, support and satisfaction.

Shaun Bates

Sales Director

Shaun leads the charge to drive and sustain growth, through the activation and engagement of new and existing partners. Dealing with businesses of all sizes and nature.

Sally Kingston

Support Manager

Sally provides us with our front line in support. Taking care of potential & new clients. Robert handles service delivery functions, escalations and is the focal point for all support related matters.

Our values are centred around you

We value your interests:


Our products are authenticated by the Certification Authority (CA) Comodo.


With zero disruptions, we'll secure your domains secured in less than 24 hours.


We don't affect uptime.


Secure unlimited subdomains, servers, fast and totally hassle-free


We have a solution for every budget (even if you don't have one!)


2048 bit encryption connections safe guard you by Industry's highest standard.